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Proud to be an Australian and proud to use Australian servers. Are you proud and using Australian?

 Little about me: I've been software writing for over 30 years. I currently operate a simulator that's networked with the OpenSimulator project. I write scripted gadgets and give them away freely to those within the opensimulator 3D world. For several years I wrote and sold gadgets on Linden Labs, SecondLife. Now I give away freely.

This is one of 2 servers I manage. This one is primarily for my email. My other server, has much more grunt and runs several opensimulator servers. For me, it's one of 2 hobbies, the geek hobby and my other is walking in the wild amongst the roos, foxes and other natural Australian beasts

What annoys me?

The racist card. I recon 99 out of 100 calling a person racist have not looked the meaning of racist up in the dictionary! Statig a fact is not racist! Stating you are a better person or better at doing a job because of your race is racist. Look it up!

Queensland Media

Pathetic babies. I can't stand the Queensland media winging and moaning about how hot it is and in the next breath moan about the cold. They need a slap over the head accompanied with the words, it's Queensland you moron, the sunshine state located in the sub tropics, you don't like the heat move to Hobart.

Donald Trump

I enjoy seeing media coverage on Donald Trump. I laugh, at worse, smile each time he opens his mouth. I'm am amazed how a fool like him sincerley believes people believe or respect any words or sentences flowing from his mouth. I only know of one other man, my landlord. For me and the world, Donald Trump gives great entertainment value for free. Of course, his psychopathic actions are costly to Americans, ha ha. But for the world, christ, belly laugh for me right now. God America, you sure know how to vote for idiots.

My God

The American, the Australian and British politicians are the greatest laughing stock this world has ever knowm. If there are Aliens watching us they would do so with their version of Pop Corn and beer with a bottle for piss each time they belly laugh. The Americans spend more time, like Australians and English knifing each other in the backs than they do in making their countries "Great" ha ha I'm sure the Chinese and Koreans are squinting more shouting what the "w"uck is wrong with those "w"ucks?

Isis Terrorists Not Required In America

I can't help notice that the terrorist have lost interest in America since 9/11. It's seems the terrosist have realised that the Americans do a better job at terrorising themselves with school shootings and Mall massacreing. Donald Trunp should be stating, let's discourage Isis and terrorists ourselves by doing it ourselves, oh, thereby making America great again.